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N E W    W O R K

Many of the beautiful open spaces on moorland can offer an etheral quality; a suggestion of another place, filled with mystery.

This next body of work is inspired by thoughts of those places.

Waiting for the Light 2


21 x 29.7cm


Another Place 


44 x 37cm framed


Don't Think About the Distance 1


21 x 29.7cm

£90 framed


My inspiration comes mainly from the countryside, moorland and sea around me in Devon and Cornwall.

 I explore these themes in layers of ink, using drawing and painterly techniques.

They evolve into realistic or semi-abstract forms,

giving a sense of vista and open spaces.

Drawings & Drypoints

My figurative drawings focus on natural objects and scenes, focussing on representation and detail.

The abstract images also feature great detail, but often zoom in on texture or shape and sometimes 

involve use of repetition.

Drypoints are a beautiful way to develop and

expand my drawing techniques.

They allow me to experiment with mark making using figurative imagery.

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