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N E W    W O R K

This new body of work, infuluenced by the stunning scenery of Dartmoor and the beautiful Tamar Valley, explores the theme of light in the landscape.

The subtleties of morning light and gentle mists that mingle with the wintry trees offer a great source of inspiration!

Light and Half Light #1


47 x 41cm framed


Winter Morning Light #4


47 x 41cm unframed



&  C O L L A G R A P H S

Monotypes & Collagraphs

My monoprints evolve from a variety of themes which I explore with drawing and painting techniques.

Realistic or abstract, these prints respond in a quicker more spontaneous way and produce unique images

Inspiration for my collagraphs comes from the countryside around me in Devon and Cornwall,

in terms of both land and sea.

My semi-abstract images are a response to the shapes, patterns, textures and colours in nature.

Drawings & Drypoints

My figurative drawings focus on natural objects and scenes, focussing on representation and detail.

The abstract images also feature great detail, but often zoom in on texture or shape and

involve use of repetition.

Drypoints are a beautiful way to develop and

expand my drawing techniques.

They allow me to experiment with mark making using figurative imagery.


Linocut offers an opportunity to experiment with the mark making of fine cuts. Combined with flat colour inking, the finished result is of contrast to the more painterly style of monotypes and collagraphs.

Initial work has focussed on flora.

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